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Tube Radios, Record Players, Tefifons, Tape Recorders, Gramophones, Television Sets


The endless variety of the former radio production induced a multitude of models. To make it possible for my customers to search for a specific
device I made the following 
Table (click on Table) from my stock of not yet refurbished devices . The table is in pure text format due to storage
space reasons and without any formatting. On request I can then refurbish a particular device.

As the condition of a not refurbished device is difficult to describe and selling of those devices gave me a lot of work, trouble and costs in the past
I only sell my devices in refurbished state - complete and working.

However I can help you finding spare parts. If you need parts from my devices for repair work a non refurbished device can be 'cannibalized'.
But please understand that storing the devices, disassembling and shipping cause a lot of work and costs and therefore I have to charge the
resulting costs accordingly.

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