Upgrading VHF (UKW) - A new idea for old devices

A tube radio excites the enthusiast with its good sound reproduction, the tube technology, the stylish cabinet and benign details inside as well as outside.
Is is a joy to listen to one's favourite station.

Unfortunately this is limited when the good piece lacks VHF receiption. If the desired station can be found at all on an AM band (LW, MW or SW), the
pleasure is clouded by bad sound program and background noise.

Older devices without a VHF part are often beautiful and also technically unique but are rarely used by the owner due to the missing VHF band.

The remedy is a new part. A supplement that provides VHF receiption, that operates station tuning with the existing radio dial, that is just plugged in instead
of the existing mixer tube and does not require any circuit change. When the supplement is plugged in, the VHF band is received. When the mixer tube is plugged back in again everything is as it was before for the radio enthusiast.

The solution is simple. A printed circuit board contains a VHF tuner 87,5-108MHz, an oscillator that resonates with the radio's built in MW-oscillator circuitry
and  tunes the VHF receiver and an AM modulated generator for the radio IF. Power supply is mainly derived from the anode voltage. The desired tube
base is included in the price.

The printed circuit board can be provided with different tube bases, can be equipped for specific intermediate frequencies and can be adapted to nearly all
mixer tubes. Some tube bases have become rare. In those cases forwarding of an old tube is required. Due to the insulated antenna transformer the VHF
supplement is also usable with all-current (non mains insulated) devices. 

Some radio units are already prepared for VHF receiption. In this case the printed circuit board can be integrated and wired permanently. So the
AM ranges are preserved.

In most cases mounting the VHF supplement into an Audion (e.g. 'Volksempfänger'), a two-circuit or three-circuit receiver is possible. But this usually
requires additional steps.  For this case the modification has to be planned according to the specific device.

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