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Tube Radios, Record Players, Tape Recorders, Tefifon, Television Sets

Send your defective device - please pack up properly - to

HSE Schmidt Elektronik

Wiesenstraße 18

91522 Ansbach

or post it there by yourself. In this case please give me a call ahead - Tel. +49 981-87617.

Costs are calculated according to time and effort. A working hour costs 49,50 Euro.

If you have the possibility to disassemble the device it will suffice to ship only the chassis for repair (radios only). This simplifies packaging, reduces shipping costs
and damages in transport to the cabinet and the glas scale are eliminated.

If you need spare parts just contact me.

About Tubes

All tubes are tested with a tube tester and the customer gets a test protocol with the specific measured values. By the way, a 50 year old tube that is still working
within its specifications should not be automatically replaced with one from new production. New produced tubes often do not have a long lifetime.

Repair of Crystal Pick-up Systems

Grown Seignette salt crystals are cut, plated and mounted into the housing of the pick-up system. Thus crystal pick-up systems from record players and
Tefifon can continue to be used.

Turning Knobs and Push Buttons

A copy according to your sample can be molded from plastic material. Currently the colors brown, white and ivory are available.

Driving Wheels, Rubber Parts

Silicone rubber is poured into a machined form together with the metal parts of the driving wheel inserted. The finished wheels have proven to work in practice.
Here you see: KC1 Driving wheel, KC1 Guide roller, Dual 1010:

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