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Tube radios, Record players, Tefifon, Tape recorders, Gramophones, Television sets

Grafik1Welcome to Schmidt Elektronik company in Ansbach.

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HSE Schmidt Elektronik E-mail:

Wiesenstraße 18 in 91522 Ansbach

Tel.: +49 981 87617 FAX +49 321-21258439

Ansbach is located about 50 km west of Nürnberg. A map of Ansbach is available here (please click)

Sale from my rich collection

Tube Radios, Record Players, Tefifon, Tape Recorders, Gramophones, Television Sets!

Also repair works and sale of spare parts

Handicraft business since 1983

Important!all request will be asnwered. If anything should go wrong please do not hesitate to get in touch with us again.

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Repair Works

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Stock of non refurbished Devices

How is a Device refurbished?

Art and Nostalgia by Ursula Schmidt

Television Sets

The Tefifon

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