HSE Schmidt Elektronik

old radios, devices with tubes, turntables, Tefifon, TV and Grammophon

Grafik1Welcome at Schmidt Elektronik in Ansbach, Germany.

My adress:

HSE Schmidt Elektronik Germany Wiesenstraße 18 91522 Ansbach Tel.: 0049981 87617 FAX 0049321-21258439

www.hse-radio.de E-mail info@hse-radio.de

Ansbach is 50 km west of Nürnberg. City map

Sale of my collection

There are about 2000 devices

old radio, turntable, record player, Tefifon, TV and Grammophon

Repair work and selling replacement parts

Master business since 1983

Important!Please E-mail to me, each mail will be answered. In case of technical problems please E-mail again.

A few pictures and prices of devices

A picture painted from Ursula Schmidt

My Tefifon Tapes

German side

Please E mail to me: info@hse-radio.de

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