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Television Sets

There is a large variety of devices available from West and East Germany from the fifties and the sixties of the last century. These TVs have nice timely
cabinets and are a decoration for every living room. 

The insides are in the original state. The picture tubes produce fine black-and-white pictures. Stations in the VHF band, with newer sets also in the UHF band,
can be received. Older sets can be extended to UHF with an external channel converter.

Also available are: Radio-TV combinations, radiograms, B/W television projector (Saba Telerama), devices with round picture tubes from East Germany.

The alternative concept

This in fact is a clashing with the style, contradicts the intrinsic effort to preserve the device's original state and is an exception. The reason for this is the following
idea: An old TV set is an enrichment for a comfortable room - but who still wants to watch black and white pictures, without a remote control, SCART socket
and vidoetext. Also high definition television HD should be possible.

I offer a cabinet of a TV set from the fifties that has been equipped with a new Color TV chassis (with a lot of work). From the outside the modification is hardly
visible. The device can be controlled with a new remote control. SCART socket and videotext are now for granted. 

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