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What is the sense of an old tube radio today?

Tube radios are meanwhile about 50 to 80 years old. During their manufacturing period they had a quite different value than a radio or stereo equipment has
today. In the past the devices were not only built to reproduce music and speech. They also had to look good and had to be a gem for the room of the proud owner.
The many manufacturers in the past competed with technical subtleties and the appearance of the devices. Buyers had to put money aside for a long time
as the devices were very expensive. Many working hours of workman, master craftsmen and engineers were necessary for development and production.

Even today many of those radios are well preserved, can be refurbished and bought with functioning guarantee from craftsmen.  

Even in our modern living rooms a tube radio is an eye-catcher, emanates coziness, is like a valuable piece of furniture and has a very unique sound owing to
good loudspeakers and tube output stages. 

Also not known to everybody is the fact that it is possible to connect CD players, cassette recorders, DAT and so on to most of these old-fashioned devices.
You can order the required adapter from me (Order number Z 4).  

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