Upgrading DAB+  -  A new idea for old radios

A tube radio appeals the fan with good sound reproduction, the tube technology, a stylish housing and elaborate details inside and outside. You can enjoy listening your favorite station.

Digital radio has in combination with undisturbed sound quality the advantage of a large choice of stations. Now an accessory is available that provides DAB+  reception with station
tuning via the existing scale. It is mounted in place of the mixer tube and does not require circuit modifications. When the accessory is inserted digital radio is received, when the
original mixing tube is inserted everything is as it was before.

The solution is simple. A printed circuit board incorporates a DAB+ receiver, an oscillator that is tuned from the existing FM or AM oscillator circuitry and is used
for tuning the digital receiver, and a generator with AM or FM modulation capability for the radio's IF. The power supply is mainly drawn from the anode voltage.
The needed tube socket is contained in the price.

The printed circuit board can be equipped with different tube sockets, for given intermediate frequencies and can be adapted for nearly all mixing tubes. As some
sockets have become rare it may be necessary that you send an old tube with the required socket. AC and DC supplied radio models ('Allstrom') can also be upgraded
for DAB+ due to the use of an insulating antenna transformer.

It is possible to upgrade AM and FM type radios.

Upgrading an audion type radio (e.g. 'Volksempfänger'), a dual-circuit or triple-circuit radio type is possible but often it cannot be done with just replacing a tube
but requires additional circuit changes. The required modifications depend on the circuitry of the specific radio.

After powering on the upgraded radio an automatic DAB+ station search is performed. The found stations are then equally spaced on fixed positions on the existing
tuning scale. This will last about as long as the tubes need to heat up. When moving the tuning dial the stations will be played at their assigned scale positions.
Between the stations artificial noise is inserted. This leads to a tuning behaviour like with FM type radios. An existing tuning eye tube is also controlled and allows
for best station adjustment. 

A specific new solution is now available for radios that use an ECC85 and an EABC80 for FM, only for radios with galvanic mains separation.

DAB Universalmodul

With this solution the oscillator frequency is taken from a metallic cap over the FM mixer tube. Supply voltage, audio frequency and  control voltage for the tuning eye
are routed via an intermediate adapter at the EABC80 socket.

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