Upgrading DAB+ - A new idea for old devices

A tube radio excites the enthusiast with its good sound reproduction, the tube technology, the stylish cabinet and benign details inside as well as outside.
It is a joy to listen to one's favourite station.

In addition to undisturbed  quality of sound Digital Radio has the advantage  of many available stations. Soon there will be a supplement available that allows to receive DAB+. Station selection is done
using the existing radio dial. The extension is plugged in instead of the mixer tube and does not require circuit modification. When plugged in Digital Radio can be received.
When the mixer tube is plugged back in again everything is as it was before for the radio enthusiast.

The solution is simple. A printed circuit board contains a DAB+ receiver, an oscillator that  resonates with the radio's built in FM- or MW-oscillator circuitry and tunes the digital receiver and an AM- or FM-
modulated generator for the IF-frequency. Power supply is mainly derived from the anode voltage. The desired tube base is included in the price.

The printed circuit board can be provided with different tube bases, can be equipped for specific intermediate frequencies and can be adapted to nearly all mixer tubes. Some tube bases have become rare.
In those cases forwarding of an old tube is required. Due to the insulated antenna transformer the DAB+ supplement is also usable with all-current (non mains insulated) devices. 

AM- and FM- units can be upgraded.

In most cases mounting the DAB+ supplement into an Audion (e.g. 'Volksempfänger'), a two-circuit or three-circuit receiver is possible. But this usually requires additional steps.  For this case the modification
has to be planned according to the specific device.

After turning on the retrofitted radio an automatic station scan is performed. The found digital stations are then assigned evenly to fixed positions on the scale. This lasts about as long as the tubes need to warm up. 
When operating the station tuning the respective program will be played at the corresponding location of the scale pointer . Between the stations artificial noise is generated; this results in a tuning behavior similar
to FM mode. Even the tuning eye operates like with FM and allows exact tuning.

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