DAB+  for Transistor Radios and HiFi Devices

Inspired from the existing possibility for tube radios to upgrade to DAB+ there exists now a flexible solution for modern devices.

The upgrade kit is permanently mounted into the device and enables reception of DAB+ stations on the FM scale. Fixed station memories can also be used
for DAB+ stations. It is possible to control the stereo signal indicator and the center indicator instrument. A switch can be installed that allows selection
of DAB+ reception or normal FM. The FM search run can also be used for DAB+ reception. When the device is equipped with RDS there also exists a solution
to display the DAB+ station name on the RDS display.

The circuit interprets the frequency of the radio's FM oscillator and selects the actual DAB+ station from that. It generates an artificial FM-IF signal that
controls field strength and center instrument of the device. The stereo mode and indicator can be controlled. An additional circuit board is used to generate
the RDS signal if needed. Between the DAB+ stations artificial noise is generated and output.

Expert users can mount the upgrade kit on their own. An instruction manual for the respective device is included.

There exist different models with the following prices:

Simple design
without IF generator, not suitable for FM search run

Installation costs

Standard design
with IF generator, all optionen except RDS

RDS module

Installation costs

Prices include 19% German VAT

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